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Prep to Buy

Below are resources to help you prepare to make the transition to homeowner. For those of you living at home, review my resources on saving for a down payment. If you're renting, review all the resources relating to renters. As always, call, text or email me. No matter how far away you are from being ready to close, I'm here to help. Why? Because I know that preparation is the #1 path to a successful closing. 


6 easy ways to save.

Call me for

more detailed advice.

How much?

How much do you need?

I have lender connections to help you sort through it.

Earnest $

What is earnest money?

Initial earnest money?

Additional earnest money?

Due Diligence

What is it?

How much do you need?

 Do you get it back?

Lease End 

Step one to moving

from renter to buyer.

Your lease end date.

Lease or not?

Should you renew?

Or should you

break your lease?

No lease

You didn't renew your lease, but where do you live until you close on a home?


What to do when your lease payments and mortgage payments overlap.

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